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Cassandra Moy

3hr Workshop- Introduction to Sewing with Industrial Machines (All levels)

3hr Workshop- Introduction to Sewing with Industrial Machines (All levels)

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Dates & Times
Tuesday 6/18/2024: 6-9pm - only 3 left in stock
Sunday 6/23/2024: 12-3pm - only 3 left in stock

Guests: minimum 1, maximum of 3 participants per date & time slot.

If all 3 spots are not filled, workshops can continue with 1 or 2 people.  Dedicated time is 1hr/person, so workshops would be 1hr for 1 person, 2hrs for 2 people, and 3hrs for 3 people, respectively.

In other words, you don't have to risk workshops being cancelled due to low registration, and you could be getting a private workshop at no additional cost!  You will be notified of the total number of participants and the length of your workshop prior to the start of your workshop date & time.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of each workshop to settle in, meet and greet others, and familiarize yourself with the space.



Welcome to the world of Sewing with Industrial Machines!  It may seem a bit intimidating at first, but you are guaranteed to feel more confident after this workshop. Whether you have some or no experience sewing, this workshop is meant to be fun and explorative while introducing you to the tools, techniques, and materials used by the Cassandra Moy brand. 

Join us at CM HQ in the workroom and learn how to use the 4 industrial sewing machines that are used to create the clothing and bags at Cassandra Moy:



Your classic sewing machine, ideal to handle all kinds of light-medium weight fine fabrics, ideally wovens (non-stretchy fabrics).



Used to finish or join the raw edges of any fabrics, but famous for a stretchy stitch ideal for knits (stretchy fabrics).


This is the same machine Lululemon uses!  Famous for its use with stretch and athletic fabrics, this machine is used to make decorative, strong, and stretchy stitches to either hem, join, or reinforce any material, but mainly knits (stretchy fabrics).  The cylinder arm makes it easier to handle small loops like sleeve hems.


This machine can handle the thickest and toughest materials like leather and denim.  The walking foot allows the machine to graze over these thick materials without bunching like it would with other typical sewing machines.  The cyclinder arm makes it easy to maneuver around bag corners.


Get a feel for each machine, what they're used for, and experiment with different kinds of materials. You can take this workshop as many times as you like to finesse your techniques.


You have the option to create a small item of your choosing (can be from the list below or not), but there is no emphasis on necessarily creating a finished product in this time.




Small pouch with drawstring


Bandana/pocket square


Sleeve accessory


All supplies included.


Please read liability waiver here.  Sign and send to prior to the start of your workshop.

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