How to Rent from CM Closet (FAQs)

How can I rent from CM Closet?

Rentals are available in-store, only. Book an appointment for fitting and pick up by calling or texting 416-828-1979 during business hours, or request an appointment date and time by filling out the contact form below.

Clients who wish to rent a piece are initially charged the full cost of item, and upon return, are refunded minus the rental cost and any repair costs, if applicable. Read the terms and conditions here.


What items are available for rent? 

CM Originals, Thrifted & Reworked, along with select pieces from previous collections are available for rent.  Rental prices are indicated in the titles and at the bottom of the descriptions for each item that is available for rent.


Can I rent online and have you ship it to me?

At this time, all rentals are available in-store only, no shipping. Payments are accepted via cash, debit, or credit.


What's the difference between purchasing online and in-store? 

All purchases made through website are full purchases. To rent, please contact us and visit the store.


Do I need an appointment?

Yes, please.  It is important to us that we can give you our undivided time and attention during your visit.  Book an appointment for fitting and pick up by calling or texting 416-828-1979 during business hours, or fill out the contact form below. You can leave a message with your desired date and time.


What sizes are available to rent?

Most designs are very flattering on a range of sizes from 4-14.  While sizes can differ brand to brand, we've included garment measurements for each piece instead of sizes to better determine the fit. We are working on creating a more diverse collection to have more available options. Please check back!


Are the garments professionally cleaned? 

Absolutely! Dry clean only items are dry cleaned.  Delicate items are hand washed.  All other items are washed thoroughly and steamed right before pickup and in between fittings.


Is there parking near CM HQ?

Yes, there is limited free 1 hr. parking on Heintzman St. steps from the shop.  There is also paid parking on Dundas St. W surrounding the shop.


How far in advance can I rent items?

Up to 6 months in advance.


What are the late fees?

Item(s) will continue to be charged at the rental rate for every additional day beyond the rental period of 3 days.  If it exceeds the initial purchase deposit, no refund is given.


What if my items get damaged during the rental?

Any necessary repairs or maintenance that is beyond a regular cleaning will be deducted from my original purchase deposit.