CM Closet Rental Contract

By purchasing an item from the CM Closet, I agree to the following:

1. I understand that all rentals are available in-store only, and that I must first purchase the item I'd like to rent.  Following the return, I will be refunded the difference between the purchase price and rent price. (I.e. If the purchase price is $275, and the rental price is $75/3 day rental, I will be refunded $200 if I return the item within 3 days time.)

2. I will care for the rented item(s) and treat them with respect. Any necessary repairs or maintenance that is beyond a regular cleaning will be deducted from my original purchase deposit.  If damages are severe or irreparable, I will be charged the full amount of the item(s).

3. All rental prices are for a standard 3 day rental including the appropriate cleaning. Item(s) will continue to be charged at the rental rate for every additional day past the standard 3 day rental. If it exceeds the initial purchase deposit, no refund is given.

4. Changes to rental item(s) can be made up until the day of pick up.  Any difference in prices for the new rented items will either be refunded or can be paid for upon pick up. If no new rented item is chosen, a full refund will be issued.

5. As soon as rented items leave the store, they are considered rented whether they are worn or not.

6. I will not attempt to clean or alter the item myself, in any way.  Any damage to the items as a result of doing so will be deducted from the initial purchase deposit.