Cassandra Moy is a Toronto-based designer who centers her work around ethical and sustainable practices, while celebrating beauty, function, and the uncommon.  Her love for colour, bold prints, and distinct style, is the driving force behind all CM designs.  Small-batches keep the designs special and exclusive to the wearers.

Believing in the slow fashion movement, all items are limited editions, and handcrafted with the utmost care, in her Toronto studio.  Believing in less is more - quality over quantity, all designs are built to last, and created with variations for the wearer in mind.  Believing in design and local sustainability, all products are made from locally sourced, rare materials.  Off-cuts from previous projects are upcycled into new designs. Scraps that are too small for our designs are donated to other local artisans.

Every effort is made to keep waste to an absolute minimum.  To eliminate deadstock, and provide an opportunity for customization, many products are made-to-order.

Now more than ever, it's important to support the values you wish to see more of in the world.

Thank you for supporting Cassandra Moy!